We Provide: House Deep Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Factory Cleaning, On Demand Cleaning, Pest Control and other cleaning services in Dhaka. We also provide our services in Chattagram.

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Md Harunur Rashid

Managing Director

Welcome to US Cleaning Service. We are offering the best cleaning services in Dhaka as well as hole country at a very affordable cost. Our 20 years of experience helping us to lead in this service industry. We have worked with very reputed companies in Bangladesh. We always ensure our clients to provide the best quality service. We know how important to keep clean your workplace or houses because it impacts on your mind. The neat and clean environment keeps your mind pleasure what helps to increase your productivity. So we take care and pay special attention for space to make it outstanding. So many new companies are trying to grab the opportunity is this service industry but we have noticed that they are not enough skilled to provide the quality service. On the other hand, it’s creating a very bad impression. So we always recommend people the hiring companies with high experience. So, if you want you can choose our cleaning services in Dhaka and across the country.

Md Harunur Rashid

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" বাংলাদেশের অন্যতম নির্ভরযোগ্য ক্লিনিং সার্ভিস প্রতিষ্ঠান US Cleaning Service. একদল দক্ষ কর্মীর নিরালস প্রচেষ্টা প্রতিষ্ঠানের সুনাম অক্ষুন্ন রেখেছে । "

Shakil Rahman

HR Admin at ACI

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100% Satisfaction

We ensure that our work quality makes you 100 percent satisfied. Also, our professional worker will clean until your satisfaction.

Best Quality

We believe that we provide the best quality cleaning services in Dhaka and across the country. So, you can take our service completely safely.

Affordable Cost

We are providing the best cleaning services at a very affordable cost. Here you find the best services at an affordable cost.