Commercial Cleaning Procedures

Welcome to US Cleaning Service which is one of the best Commercial cleaning service provider. Today we are sharing commercial cleaning procedures.

US Cleaning Service has been 20 years of experience. Our only business is to restore the home and commercial establishments to their natural beauty. We have clear cleaning positions on carpets, furniture, and draperies. As a precautionary step, US cleaning service is standing alone with the most modern equipment, the best clean solution, and most trained technicians. Below we describe commercial cleaning procedures.

Commercial Cleaning Procedures
Commercial Cleaning Procedures

Carpet cleaning procedures

Commercial flooring is a substantial investment for any business and, therefore, ought to be protected for years to come back. The longer your carpet lasts, the less your actual yearly price.

When buying a replacement carpet, the initial price for carpet and installation is not your total investment. different things like removal and disposal of the previous carpet lost time from renovations, actual prices related to moving and replacement your furniture, and phone and network pc lines should all be factored into the overall price of replacement.

Carpet maintenance only makes up a little portion of the overall price of possession, however, it can considerably extend the lifetime of the carpet.

Our carpet cleaning procedures are a part of our smart service. They were totally satisfied with your carpet, furniture, and drapes. Low price cleaners usually do not embrace these services. If offered, they increase low publicized costs.

Commercial Cleaning Procedures
Commercial Cleaning Procedures

Furniture Cleaning

Today’s commercial furniture requires highly cleaning. US cleaning service uses the most advanced technologies for the safe and effective cleaning method.

Office Chairs

Furniture of your office Chairs US cleaning service will develop a program for your company that is both well organized and cost-effective. US cleaning service will pre-condition all office furniture before cleaning with a solution and remove the most effective cleaning results.

Banquet Chairs

US cleaning service has the unique ability to clean large volumes of banquet room chairs in a single cleaning. Since the chairs are dry within hours, no downtime is required. US cleaning service can help you keep your schedule. US cleaning service recommends the cleaning It helps protect your office furniture from unsightly stains.

Leather Executive Chairs

Cleaning your leather furniture is important to prevent damage. Our method cleans and conditions leather back to its original supple condition preventing rending and cracking.

Commercial Cleaning Procedures
Commercial Cleaning Procedures

Drape Cleaning

Now you can get your drapes custom hand clean. On-location cleanup avoids unpleasant rooms and loss of privacy as a result of the draperies area unit clean while hanging. Their beauty and color are revived without the supplementary time and energy of the draperies off their rods.

Office and Stage Drapes

Our cleaning method is meant to clean soiled drapes while still being light to the foremost delicate materials. In fact, once there is no risk of shrinking or shredding.

US cleaning service conjointly offers in-plant cleaning for heavily soiled drapes. Our employees can pick up your location and deliver them once cleaning. Take down and rehanging of drapes also are obtainable.

Fire Retarding Services

US cleaning service offers certification for all your clothes. Our service includes treatment of stage drapes in schools, auditoriums, nursing homes, and churches or other public places.

Commercial Cleaning Procedures
Commercial Cleaning Procedures

Entrance Doors & Glass Cleaning

Our cleaning staff will wash your entrance doors in and out during each visit. Entrance vestibule will be checked for cobwebs, flat surfaces will be wiped as needed. We will vacuum walk-off mats, straight pictures, wipe walls & sweep/wash floors. It’s important for your entrance to be clean, fresh and make a great first impression on your guests.

General Office Areas

If you want to possess the desks & personal workstations cleaned, we can do it. Some corporations like better to do themselves standard service includes wiping all common space surfaces, phones equipment.

We will take away all trash & recycled items and eliminate your onsite container. We will change can liners and wash trash cans as required every visit we will vacuum all carpeted areas together with walk-off mats. Exhausting floor surfaces are dust mopped and washed additional floor maintenance like strip/finish and buffing is offered.

As we pay time cleaning your general workplace areas, we will look for cobwebs, dirty light switches, interior glass partitions, etc. something we can clean.

Commercial Cleaning Procedures
Commercial Cleaning Procedures

The seven-step commercial cleaning procedures include emptying the trash; high dusting; sanitizing and spot cleaning; restocking supply; cleaning the bathrooms; mopping the floors, and hand hygiene and inspection.

7-Step Commercial Cleaning Procedures Go Beyond What’s Expected


  • Clear the liners and lined in all waste trunk.
  • Change the bag if ¾ is fulfilled or if it’s closed for the day.
  • Clean waste receptacles


  • Clear everything that you’ll be able to reach
  • Use germs to clean all surfaces without glass
  • Use a dull cloth to glamor interior and lower level glasses.
  • Start with a round pattern.
  • Make sure to include: wall spotting, switch of the light, call button, telephone, wall moldings, windowsills, and items of furniture.


  • Dust behind all furniture and doors. Move whatever is possible.


  • High dust above the shoulder level, use an extension pole with duster head. Never high dust around people.


  • Use a bowl map inside the toilet to start the bowl and wipe it out with a germ-proof damp wiper. Do not use clean.


  • Keep the wet floor sign on the path before you begin.
  • Start with the corner from the door and work according to your convenience.
  • Broom out corners.


  • No necessary repair report.
  • No deficiency corrections.

Your office building is the face of your company. To keep your organization at its best, we provide Commercial Cleaning Services of the highest standards backed by our local experts who understand your unique needs. Using the latest technologies and procedures for commercial cleaning procedures, we help provide a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees that are done to your complete satisfaction. Simply put, we care about clean and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day. In addition, we provide almost all types of cleaning services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We hope this article will help your clean commercial cleaning procedures. Follow this procedure for better result. Drop your comment about your cleaning problems. Thanks a lot for your valuable time.

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