Pest control methods for home Part 1

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Everywhere in your home, there is someone living. Are you surprised? Do not be surprised. It is true that besides you many insects live in your home. This small and often invisible invader insect lives in the air, carpet, counter or cupboard, in every house. Today we are discussing “How to stop attacking and harmful pests in your home without harmful pesticides.” So, let’s start.

We are sharing some natural and non-toxic ways to control household insect pests like Ants, Dust Mites, Cockroaches, Fleas, Mosquitos, Flies, Bed Bugs, and other home insect pests.

Pest control methods for home
Pest control methods for home


The best resistance against cockroaches is a spotless kitchen and restroom. On the off chance that cockroaches are an issue in your home or loft, vacuum well and wash the zone with a solid cleanser. Discard the vacuum cleaner sack in a fixed holder.

You can likewise attempt the accompanying cures:

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a protected elective that can be sprinkled in regions where cockroaches gather, particularly concealed regions such a cupboard tops and behind machines. Innocuous to individuals, the minor particles cut the waxy exoskeleton and kills the creepy crawly inside 48 hours. For a week or so after the treatment, the drying out creepy crawlies will scan all the more effectively for water. In this manner, don’t be astonished in the event that you see bugs all the more regularly after the treatment. Most mentors ought to be executed inside about fourteen days of use. Find out more or buy diatomaceous earth.

Do It Yourself Trap

In an unfilled one-pound espresso can, place a couple of bits of bread that have been drenched altogether with a brew. Set an incline paving the way to the top and line within top edge with Vaseline. A spot in regions known to have insect pervasions.

Different Deterrents

Leave inlet leaves, cucumber cuts, or garlic in the influenced territory as obstructions. Non-dangerous bug traps are likewise financially accessible.

Foamy Water

Keep a splash jug of sudsy water close by. Splashing cockroaches straightforwardly with sudsy water will execute them.


Catnip is a characteristic anti-agents to cockroaches. The dynamic fixing is nepetalactone, which is non-poisonous to people and pets. Leave little sachets of catnip in territories of cockroach movement. You can likewise stew catnip in a little measure of water to make a “catnip tea” which can be utilized as a splash to apply around baseboards and behind counters. This common anti-agents should just be utilized in homes without felines!

Boric Acid

Roaches like high places. In the event that you put boric corrosive on TOP of your kitchen cupboards (not inside), if space permits among roof and cupboards, the cockroaches will take the boric corrosive to their homes, murdering every one of them. Boric corrosive is poisonous by mouth so avoid kids and pets.

Pest control methods for home
Pest control methods for home

Dust Mites

Minuscule dust bugs are wherever in the home: in our beds, attire, furniture, bookshelves, and soft toys. For individuals with sensitivities or asthma, dust vermin are a major issue.

Here are the means by which to diminish the Dust Mite populace in your home:


Vacuum beddings and cushions. Wash bedding consistently at 130 F (55 C) or higher. Cleansers and business clothing items have no impact on vermin except if the water temperature is high. Wash soft toys in boiling water and spot in the dryer on hot for at any rate 15 minutes. Solidifying will likewise kill dust bugs, however, won’t expel allergens.

Stickiness and Room Temperature

As per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, dust parasites flourish in moistness higher than 70%. Measure your room’s dampness levels and utilize a dehumidifier if vital. Residue vermin likewise incline toward temperatures somewhere in the range of 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 25 degrees Celsius), so keep your room’s temperature beneath this range.

Cleaning up

Keep books, soft toys, floor coverings, and clothing hampers out of the room of hypersensitivity sufferers. For youngsters, store everything except a couple of most loved toys away and pivot out occasionally.

Bedding and Mattress Covers

For individuals with sensitivities to clean parasites, dust vermin bedding, pillowcases, and duvet and sleeping pad covers are accessible with zippered, allergen-impermeable encasings intended to square residue bugs. Check these occasionally to guarantee no tears are available. Stay away from texture secured headboards.

Warming Ducts

Spread warming channels with a channel that can trap little residue particles littler than 10 microns. Abstain from utilizing humidifiers. Residue parasites blossom with warmth and dampness.

Diatomaceous Earth

Residue your sleeping pad, floor coverings, bedding, and encompassing zone with diatomaceous earth. Leave for 2-3 hours or medium-term if conceivable before vacuuming up. Sustenance grade diatomaceous earth will lessen dust bug populaces (alongside bloodsuckers and insects) and isn’t unsafe to people.

Tannic Acid

Tannic corrosive kills the allergens in residue vermin and creature dander. Residue issue zones with tannic corrosive powder, accessible at wellbeing nourishment stores and pet focuses.

Pest Control Methods for Home
Pest Control Methods for Home


The first steps are to remove the Ant attractants objects. Keep corner free of crumbs and viscous spots. Keep the sugar covered and keep the honey in a plastic jar.

If the ants’ attack continues, then try these simple steps:

Soapy Water

Keep a little splash bottle helpful, and spray the ants with a touch of foamy water.

Do It Yourself: Natural Repellents

Follow the subterranean insect section back to their purpose of the passage. Set any of the accompanying things at the section territory in a little line, which ants won’t cross: cayenne pepper, citrus oil (can be drenched into a bit of string), lemon juice, or cinnamon or espresso beans.


Leave a little, low wattage night light on for a couple of evenings in the zone of most subterranean insect action. The adjustment in light can upset and demoralize subterranean insect rummaging designs.

Diatomaceous Earth

For the long haul, nontoxic control of ants, sprinkle diatomaceous earth where ants assemble.


Set out cucumber strips or cuts in the kitchen or at the ants’ purpose of the section. Numerous ants have a characteristic antipathy for cucumber. Arrowy cucumbers work best.

Mint Tea

Leave a couple of tea packs of mint tea close zones where the ants appear to be generally dynamic. Dry, squashed mint leaves or cloves additionally fill in as subterranean insect barrier.

Do It Yourself: Ant Bait

Blend one liter of water, one teaspoon of Borax, and some sugar. Absorb cotton balls the arrangement and spot them in a little yogurt compartment with gaps punched in the tops to permit ants to get to. Spot the compartment in an area where ants are available. Ants will convey the lure back to their settlements where it will, in the long run, kill the ant colony. Significant: utilize inside just; this must be avoided by pets and kids.


Ants on the cooking utensil? Slice a couple of cut up cloves of garlic between the divides.

Thanks a lot for your valuable time. We will share other pest control methods for home. We will share all natural methods to control Fleas, Mosquitoes, Flies, Bed Bugs and other home insect pests in Part 2. So, stay with us till then. We provide cleaning services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. If you want you can choose our services.

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