Cockroach Control

2 Bedroom, 1 Dining room

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৳ 2,000.00

Cockroach Control

Suddenly the cockroaches in your house increased? Can’t control? Don’t worry, we offer professional cockroach control service at an affordable price.

The cockroach is the most common and harmful insect in all areas of our kitchen, bathroom, and home. They explore for food in kitchens, food storage places, garbage dumps, watercourse, and sewers at night. Cockroaches can spread germs, and sometimes they play a role as porters of internal diseases, such as diarrhea, typhoid fever, and cholera. If you are having trouble with the cockroach, US Cleaning Service will provide you cockroach control service in Dhaka. We can give you a cockroach control service at spending BDT from 2000 to 3000. Our team will provide a professional cleaning service and monitor each feature to make sure everything stays the same after the cleaning process. If you have any questions, contact us. We are always ready to serve our best. We also provide several cleaning services in Dhaka and Chattagram.


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