Water Tank Cleaning (100 SFT)

৳ 8,000.00

Water Tank Cleaning (100 SFT)

US Cleaning Service provides professional water tank cleaning service in Dhaka. Which will be so affordable cost for you to deep cleaning. we have 20 years’ experience in this service industry. We know that water is the most important fluid to sustain life. We use water for every aspect of life, such as drinking, bathing, cleaning and so on. So we need to store this water in a clean and healthy environment. We extend full service & carrying packages for every kind of water tanks, together with a discussion on preventative support & repairs, significant or light-weight duty improvement and sterilization. Our expert team will clean your tank properly. We must ensure that your family is Supplied with safe and clean water. we provide the best tank cleaning service process which is protected, efficient and Eco-friendly. 



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